Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now In Line For Remake

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Beware of the red coat! We live in an era everything is remade, even remakes are been remade and horror are in line to see Nicholas Roeg‘s Don’t Look Now, classic 1973 Horror be remade.

Hollywood Reporter are reporting Studiocanal (UK distributor of the  remastered original) along with The Picture Company are working a new version of the landmark film. When it comes to classic film much loved by the genre fans you are sure we’ll get a barrage of negativity  and a sense of “how dare they!”.

No writers, directors or talent have been connected yet with the film however producers Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona are using the same techinque they used to find The Escape From New York remake. Find a Studio then the directors and talent will follow. They are a busy pair with several Robin Hood projects on the go plus The Tracking Of  A Russian spy they hope to start this Autumn.

If your unsure what Don’t look Now was all about, it was based on a short story Daphne DuMaurier (who also wrote The Birds,Rebecca both Hitchcock adapted classics) about a grieving couple. They have lost their daughter and decide to take an extended holiday in Venice, Italy where they meet an clairvoyant nun who warns them from them their lives are in danger from messages from the afterlife.

It was an atmospheric, eerie film that when the film was released it gained a reputation from the graphic sex scene that even today that the films lead stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Andrews actually had sex. It is a film that gained cult status later down the years for the right reasons and is now regarded as one of the best supernatural thrillers ever made.

In other remake news Fast&Furious 7 director James Wan is going back to his horror routes to make another classic supernatural shocker from the 1970s The Entity. He’s been lined up as producer with Roy Lee whom has made a name for himself as producer behind many horror remakes such as The Grudge, The Ring, also behind the new Poltergeist too. It’s a pairing that will give the film some horror weight a film about a woman who is been sexually assaulted by a spirit. Wan is set to direct The Conjuring 2 which is to be based on the Enfield incident (subject of a new tv show starring Timothy Spall) with Conjuring writers Chad and Carey Hayes on board to script The Entity.