September 27, 2022

DVD Review – Paddington (2014)

paddington dvdThe film about a cute bear in a blue duffle coat, by the name of Paddington is now available on DVD.

Paddington, based on the best-selling books by Michael Bond, follows the journey of a bear from Peru who travels to Paddington Station in London. This is of course how he got his name. Whilst there he meets The Brown family, who take him in as a member of their family, despite Mr Brown’s protests.

From the moment Paddington enters the Brown’s life, it’s an adventure. A funny one at that, including a scene with Paddington and a bathroom, and him trying to suss out the underground.

All is fun and games until Millicent, a taxidermist, played brilliantly by Nicole Kidman, finds out about Paddington. What ensues is the realisation that family is the most important thing.

All the cast shine in their designated roles but Ben Whishaw stole the film as the voice of the loveable bear Paddington, who was definitely right for the role. Stand out performances also go to Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown and Julie Walters as Mrs Bird.

Paddington isn’t just an enjoyable film for children, but one for all members of the family.


Emily Pontin

Genre: Comedy Distributor: StudioCanal Release date: 23rd March Rating: PG Director: Paul King Cast: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Ben Whishaw