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Few people have not enjoyed a Bill Murray film. Murray has produced standout performances in multiple roles making him a Hollywood favourite for many. From his years of ghostbustering to his unforgettable roles in classic Wes Anderson films, Murray has pushed the boundaries as an actor and shown his true range. Here are a few of the transformations Murray has taken for his roles throughout the years.

Where the Buffalo Roam: Hunter S. Thompson

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist extraordinaire, is struggling to meet a deadline in his usual drugged state. Thompson is continually and comically sidetracked as he reminisces on his early fame in the 1960’s.

Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman

After they are kicked out of their positions at their university, three unemployed parapsychology professors begin a new type of business – ghostbusting. Dr. Peter Venkman and his friends set on an adventure of catching ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists for money. 

Caddyshack: Carl Spackler

Danny Noonan, the new caddy, tries to make a good impression at the elite, snobbish Bushwood Country Club. All the while, Carl Spackler, the Golf Course Grounds keeper, has one goal and one goal only. He must eliminate a rampaging gopher who is chewing up holes throughout the golf course.

Groundhog Day: Phil

As a lowly weatherman, Phil reluctantly goes to cover the story of the groundhog and his shadow. The next morning, Phil wakes and realizes it is Groundhog’s day again and he is destined to relive the same day over and over again.

Space Jam: Bill Murray

Michael Jordan paired with Murray save the day in Looney Tune Land. With the Tune Squad as their support, Jordan and Murray play the game of their lives against the alien slavers to secure the Looney Tunes their freedom.

Kingpin: Ernie McCracken

Roy Munson is the best bowler in the world. However, by a mixture of misfortune and fellow bowler Ernie McCracken, Munson is left without the use of his bowling hand. After having a hard time of it, Roy comes back to the game and battles McCracken in the ultimate bowling championship.

Rushmore: Herman Blume

As cynical industrialist unhappy with his life, Herman Blume befriends a precocious and troubled 15 year old student, Max, at Rushmore High. Blume falls in love with the teacher Ms. Cross and Max has decided to help the two lovers end up together.

Charlie’s Angels: John Bosley

As the steaming Angels set out on their next mission to destroy the bad guys via disguises, surveillance, and martial arts, their loyal sidekick, John Bosley, helps the girls along the way. The four try to save Charlie’s life and their own when a terrible secret revealed makes the Angels targets for assassination.

The Royal Tenenbaums: Raleigh St. Clair

When a family of child prodigies are brought back to their family home for a sickly family member, all hell breaks loose. Margot Tenenbaum suffers through her unusually boring marriage to neurologist, Raleigh St. Clair, and begins an affair with her brother’s best friend. Little does she know that her own brother is in love with her.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: Steve Zissou

When his partner is killed by a mythical shark, Steve Zissou and his team set out to hunt down the creature and claim revenge. It is one wild journey as the crew includes a beautiful journalist, Zissou’s possible son, and estranged wife.

Get Smart : Agent 13

Max, an analyst wishing to become a real field agent, is sent on a mission to stop government murders. He is accompanied by Agent 99 and Agent 13, who winds up in unusual places for his bizarre assignments to help Max.

Zombieland : Bill Murray

Columbus, a student trying to contact his family in Ohio, Tallahassee, a tough guy trying to find the Last Twinkie and two sisters trying to get to an amusement park team up to cross zombie-filled America to reach Bill Murray’s residence. Murray helps the girls disguise themselves as zombies as to not be killed before his cameo comes to a shocking end.

Moonrise Kingdom : Walt Bishop

Lawyers, Walt and Laura Bishop live on the quiet island of New Penzance with their three sons and troubled 12 year old Suzy, who soon runs away to be with the young boy scout, Sam. As the pair flees, it causes a local search party of the scouts and Suzy’s family to fan out and find them.

Monument’s Men : Richard Campbell

Known for the greatest art heists in history, the monuments men, an unlikely group of artists and architects-turned soldiers are given the task to rescue masterpieces stolen by the Nazis. Officers Richard Campbell and Preston Savitz track down the stolen Belgian panels from Ghent Cathedral as the team splits up throughout Europe to recover these pieces of history.

The Grand Budapest Hotel : M. Ivan

The adventures of legendary concierge, Gustave H and his trusted lobby boy, Zero are wild and dangerous. The two are helped along the way through the network of the Society of the Crossed Keys concierges, including M. Ivan who aids the runaways with a car and train tickets.

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is released in UK cinemas March 7