Watch The Seductive stylish Park Chan-Wook’s Stocker Trailer


About 5 years ago one film opened my eyes to Asian film and its visceral violent streak amazed me that film was Oldboy.Now Spike Lee is about to recreate that cult film for Hollywood one of it’s stars Mia Wasikowska is starring in Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook’s English language debut Stoker and tonight we have the first trailer. Whilst fans are wondering how brutal, dark Lee will go with Oldboy the same can be asked about Stoker what ever direction Chan-Wook has taken with this film we’re impressed by the stylish, stark seductive look of this trailer.

Wasikowska plays India a young woman whose mourning the death of her father with Nicole Kidman playing her widowed emotionally unstable mother both are visited by India’s mysterious uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode). When Charlie arrives people start going missing and over time India discovers her uncle may have an ulterior motive on why he’s here. This film has an chilling sinister feel to it which is unsettling with a big slice Hitchockian flavor which makes you think this won’t be a one genre film but we do expect this with Chan-Wook films and what what deliver is usually something truly special but how visceral it will be we’ll just have to wait and see. It does also look like we have some really strong performances on hand in this one, it’s been an eternity since we’ve said Kidman  maybe onto a great performance we’re even more impressed with Matthew Goode as this might be the breakout film he’s been crying out for a long time!

Stoker will arrive in UK&Ireland March 1st, 2013.