Crazy First Red Band Trailer For The Man With The Iron Fists


If it’s crazy Kung Fu action splattered enough blood and gore to paint the Fourth Rail Bridge Quentin Tarantino is your man to produce it with his buddies Eli Roth to write the script and RZA To direct as well as star in the lead role. You know with those three guys onboard this is going to be a deranged crazy rollercoaster ride of mayhem, what’s it called? THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS and the first Red Band trailer has arrived!

Set in Fuedal China RZA plays a blacksmith of a local village who he creates weapons for them to defend themselves from invading marauders who intend to kill them all. This reeks of 1970′ coolness  with a modern twist carefully blended together with magical touch of RZA,Tarantino and Roth to make this an insane as well as intriguing of pure escapism. Whilst Kill Bill brought us martial art from a Japanese inspiration The Man With  Iron Fists all about the old school Hong Kong classics. Dave Bautista as the Golden Man we love the idea but another ex-WWE Wrestler thinking he can act is one of my pet hates and my only real gripe against this  however if he keeps the dialogue to a minimum and focus on the action I don’t have any problems.

The Man With The Iron Fists is OTT at it’s best, martial arts-ploitation as Martial arts fans love! No exact date on this film’s release date however the trailer is stating ‘Fall’  or to us here in UK&Ireland Autumn though wouldn’t it be cool if this becomes a Christmas release?! The film also stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Byron Mann, Rick Yune.