License To Give Bond (And Male Population) A Thrill! Great New ‘Girls Of James Bond’ Infographic

Motley Crue sang about Girls!Girls!Girls!, David Byrne had Girls On His Mind but James Bond has a Girl every corner of the Earth making sure he doesn’t have nightmares in bed at night (and day), behold the ‘The Girls Of Bond’. Thanks to Cable TV  (and to Taggart) have sent us this really cool infographic of all the girls that have been charmed by the greatest ever spy 007, sexy débutantes to double agents, henchwomen I think we can say this graphic has more than less covered them all! What I really love about this, its 50 years of James Bond movies and what better way to celebrate the big birthday by ladies that have shared the screen (even the new girls from Skyfall are there!) with the iconic fictional spy, shaken but not stirred!

Skyfall will be released in UK&Ireland on October 26th, watch out this month for the proposed first trailer!

Infographic: Bond Girls Timeline

update: There is a few mistakes here including Diana Rigg’s surname mispelled and Zena Marshall’s image for Eunice Grayson, but we love all the girls!

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