Sharlto Copley In Talks To Play Villian In Spike Lee’s OLDBOY

It seems a lifetime since Josh Brolin joined the cast to lead the line for Spike Lee’s adaptation of Oldboy and even longer in his search to play the villain but that exhausting wait might be over according to Variety. The word from the industry press magazine District 9, A-Team actor Sharlto Copely has been offered the role to play the long awaited bad guy joining Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen.

If your not familiar with Oldboy story Josh Brolin plays Joe (Dae-su Oh in the original), a man who who finds himself kidnapped on the day of his daughter’s birthday,imprisoned for 15 years. On his release Joe goes out to find who imprisoned him and why on a road which has more twists and turns than the Amalfi Drive. The report states the south African actor is in early talks to take the role , a part previously cconnected / offered to Christian Bale, Colin Firth, and Clive Owen which some people could see Copely as big step down though I’m not criticising his acting ability but it doesn’t just feel right however Copely’s previous character have been of the eccentric nature.

If Copely’s the man he’ll play  a mysterious billionaire out to destroy Joe’s life with Olsen to play a caseworker who helps Joe investigate who his kidnapper is, though some sites are saying Olsen is confirmed, that’s not 100% confirmed except showing very keen interest in playing the role. It’s been a film with it’s fairshare of problems but not at the levels as Akira, but at least Oldboy is making movements though very slow. Lee spoke recently to Wall Street Journal “We’re anticipating starting production this September, and we should be finished by year’s end.” He also left this morsel to tease fans with adding it will “definitely be an interpretation, not a straight adaptation” and “it actually has a darker take on the ending, if you can believe that’s even possible.

When this one was first announced was in the line to be remade or rebooted I had my reservations however with Spike Lee onboard instead of Stephen Spielberg cements the chances of Oldboy been dark twisted tale, which may not rise to the levels of the Park Chan-Wook’s 2004 original but has the makings of going close or at least stamping his own style. Sharlto Copely will next be seen on our big screens March 2013 in Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium.