CHRONICLE Clip Shows ‘The Thing’

I have to admit I’m a sucker for those found footage type films even if I know there poor quality flicks and the sub genre is getting a bit overcrowded but like all genres that are in need of a refreshing input and when it happens we get they odd gem shining through like Chronicle. Instead of going for the usual Paranormal/ Demonic possession Chronicle have went for a superhero genre with a dark edge when three high school students discover they have superpowers which is fun at the start but as the powers grow and they become uncontrollable making them embrace their darker side. 20th Century Fox Pictures have unleashed a new clip from the film which sees the boys discover a cavern which might be ‘the thing’ which is the source of their powers!

Chronicle stars Michael Kelly (Dawn Of The Dead, Defendor, Adjustment Bureau), Dane Dehaan, Alex Russell​​, Michael b. Jordan, directed by Josh Tank based on a Max Landis script. Chronicle should arrive in a cinema near you February 1st UK&Ireland and 2 days later Stateside.