Liam Neeson is “Dancing With Wolves” Ala Taken Style in Teaser Trailer For The Grey

Over the last few years as Liam Neeson gets wiser and older the Irish actor seems to be getting more action orientated in his career,with the protective ex-cop dad who would do anything for his daughter in Unknown and to loosing his marbles cum killer in Unknown. Now he’s reunited with his old A-Team directing chum Joe Carnahan  for another crack at the action front  in The Grey and looks like this movie will see Neeson ‘Dancing With Some nasty Wolves’ ala Taken style in snow capped Alaska. Anything filmed in the wild countryside you”ll be treated to some fantastic scenery (even yesterday when I watched Trollhunter Norway is a beautiful country stunning scenery) and The Grey has plenty of the scenery however  Neeson and co dont have the time to admire the surroundings. Could this be a Oscar nod for Liam Neeson some of critics think he could be under consideration on the basis of this trailer I cant see any signs why he couldn’t be or shouldn’t be.

The Grey sees Neeson lead a oil drilling team through the Alaskan  wilderness after there plane crashed, but they are the intruders as a pack of hungry wolves track them !Looks a fun film and been hunted by some hungry wolves are Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozieand Joe Anderson. The Scott Brother’s Ridley and Tony are producing this, no word on a UK&Irish release date yet but American fans can catch this on January 27th.

source  Yahoo! Movies

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