Reviewer: Michael Hill
Rated: 18(UK)
Release Date: 11th July, 2011(UK)
DirectorDavid Michôd
CastJames FrechevilleGuy Pearce , Joel Edgerton , Jacki Weaver

Animal kingdom follows the story of Jay, a 17 year old boy who moves in with his grandma and uncles after his mother dies of a heroin overdose, and to make matters worse his new housemates are notorious bank robbers.

There are no bank heists in the film, just snippets of CCTV footage shown in the credits, so those expecting set pieces seen in Heat or The Town will be disappointed. The action is kept to a minimum and what you get is a brooding intense crime drama. A critique of the film could be that is a pretty slow paced, though I found this not to be the case as it is shot so well and the score is understated yet powerful in certain occasions giving the film a tense atmosphere throughout.

The acting is fantastic from the whole ensemble notably Jacki Weaver who plays the grandma, she is both menacing and forgiving when she needs to be, she was given a nod by the Academy for the best supporting actress academy award. James Frescheville gives a powerful yer grounded performance as the lead, even more impressive considering this is only his second film. Joel Edgerton won an AFI award (the Aussie Oscars) for his role as Baz even though he’s only in the first twenty minutes of the film. And it’s always good to see Guy Pierce pop up in a film, this time he plays a frustrated cop who wants to convict Jay’s the uncles and sports a fantastic moustache.

To sum up this film is a superb crime thriller full of tension and leave a lasting impression on you after the credits roll.

Rating 4/5

In terms of extras you could not really ask for more the film has an extensive hour long making of which is pretty interesting, as well as indepth interviews with cast and crew members.

Rating 5/5

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