14 July 2024

SOLOMON KANE: Russian Trailer

I don’t know much about Solomon Kane apart from its a character created by Robert E Howard who also created Conan the barbarian and a few months back I heard there was going to be a movie. A trailer a number of clips where shown at the recent comic-con and apparently they all went down a storm raising some excitement levels.

So 2010 (0r 31st December 2009 in Russia) independently made Solomon Kane will hit the big screens. Directed by Michael J Bassett and produced by Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus/Silent Hill producer Sam Hadida will see James Purefoy playing Solomon Kane a 16th century purist and mercenary soldier for Elizabeth 1st  who denounces violence but comes out of retirement to protect his family after been threatened by a demon.

There’s an excellent cast backing this film up with Pete Postlethwaite, Max Von Sydow, Alice Krige, Mackenzie crook and jason Flemming. Solomon Kane is a dour and violent person who can crack out some humour but most off do anything for his family and Director Bassett got a real sword master in to help Purefoy’s swordplay looking convincing in the action scenes. The movie does look heavy and brutal and the sets look really dark, gritty and cold much like it would have been during the 16th century, there’s even some imppressive creature designs as well.

What I’ve read from the internet movie press there  comparing this movie with Van Helsing and even Lord of the rings to a lesser extent, but visually all movies of the same genre follow similar lines when it comes to stories, sets and characters. This is a lot more violent and darker than van Helsing  and I think it will have a decent run when it comes out next year sometime.

Anyway below is the first trailer but unfortunately its in Russian where the movie will be released first, but at least the trailer does give you a little insight into the movie. Hopefully in the next month or two there will be a English version of the trailer.

[trailer source COMINGSOON.NET ]


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