23 July 2024

10 Film Themed Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, here are ten film themed gift ideas for all the slackers who haven’t started their shopping yet.

· Harry Potter complete box-set

At long last all eight Harry Potter films come to DVD and Blu-ray! Available from most DVD retailers and very reasonably priced at around £25 this would make an excellent present for any Potter fan or DVD collector. Unfortunately the DVD version has no extra features but the Blu-ray version consists of a full three discs worth.




· Cineworld Unlimited Pass

With cinema ticket prices now reaching extortionate prices, a Cineworld Unlimited card is well worth the money. At £14.99 a month, you would only need to see two films a month to get your money’s worth.


· Star Wars Blu-Ray box-set

I’m no Star Wars expert but this looks like it could be the ultimate gift for film fans. As you can imagine it contains a host of extras, including a disc dedicated solely to documentaries on the movies. Retail price is around £65.

· Blu-Ray player

This is what I’ll be getting this year. I’ve chosen the Sony S360 as it contains internet video playback and a USB port so I can also choose to watch films and listen to music from my hard-drive.

· Magazine subscription

Costing between £30-£40 for 12 issues, a subscription to a publication such as Empire or Total Film would make an excellent gift choice…they usually come with a free gift too!

· R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Definitely one for all the geeks out there! This R2-D2 replica alarm clock makes an R2-D2 sound when it goes off and projects the time against your wall. Available to buy on websites such as Amazon and Truffle-Shuffle.

· Lord of the Rings: War in the North for Xbox360 and PS3

I don’t know much about computer games but for film buffs who are into their gaming this looks like the one for Christmas.

· ‘The Don’ – Godfather mug

For something on the cheaper side there are a variety of film related mugs available to buy from a number of outlets. This Godfather one particularly took my fancy.

· Batman socks

Socks are a classic stocking filler and gift from the unimaginative. Seeing as the Batman signal shaped ice-cube trays won’t be available until April, get someone a set of these from truffle-shuffle.com.

· Replica Marauder’s Map

Another geeky and Harry Potter related item! There are many prop replicas to choose from such as wands, scarfs etc, but this replica of the Marauder’s Map really took my fancy.

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