22 July 2024

Zombies! Choose Your Weapon of Choice!

This is cool! If you were dumped in a middle of a world were the outside  hordes of zombies walk the streets what would your weapon of choice be?

Paul is out this monday and why not go see the movie with a t-shirt paying homage to the Shaun of The Dead starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?!

“Zombie Weapons: Cricket Bat” by Paul Harckham aka robotrobotROBOT

Luke’s light saber, Han’s blaster, Bruce’s boomstick and Shaun’s cricket bat.

In life there are certain things that can be depended upon to do the job. Even if that job is destroying zombie brains. The humble CRICKET BAT as used by the eponymous Shaun in Shaun of the Dead is one of these things.

This wonderfully simple yet effective improvised weapon will introduce you to such combat maneuvers as the drive, the outswing, the sweep and the block.

The t-shirts can be bought at REDBUBBLE

Go to : Shirtoid and choose from several other weapons of choice to kill those nasty zombies off !


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