23 July 2024

WWE Elimination Chamber Preview

This Sunday SmackDown LIVE! shall host the Elimination Chamber PPV. For the first time in two years, the Chamber shall return to a WWE event. Emulating live from the Talking Stick Resort Arena, in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is a preview for WWE Elimination Chamber.

John Cena VS AJ Styles VS Bray Wyatt VS Baron Corbin VS Dean Ambrose VS The Miz: Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship

Six of the best superstars SmackDown has to offer shall battle in the Elimination Chamber. The prize? the WWE Championship and ticket to headline Wrestlemania 33. In recent weeks since Randy Orton won his second Royal Rumble Match, fans have speculated Bray Wyatt to be the winner of this bout. Therefore this shall ultimately set up a match for the title between Orton and Wyatt at Wrestlemania, which seems logical. While this booking concept make sense it also seems unlikely John Cena shall retain, it just does not fit the company plans, so it may seem. At this point I cannot look past Bray Wyatt capturing his first WWE Championship and nor am I against it. To be absolutely blunt I am quite literally going to expect Bray Wyatt to win, however that should not take the rub off what could be a great Elimination Chamber match.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt to Win the WWE Championship

American Alpha VS Heath Slater & Rhyno VS Breezango VS The Usos VS The Ascension VS The Vaudevillains: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships

It is great to see Smackdown displaying their Tag Team star power. The versatile division has an array of great stables, to which can hold their own in the ring. A mixture of veteran and upcoming teams richly diversifies the tag division on the blue brand. While this bout may not possess an all-star line-up, it certainly has the potential to be a solid contest. Overall I suspect American Alpha shall retain, furthermore they shall head to Wrestlemania as reigning Smackdown LIVE! Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: American Alpha to retain the WWE Smackdown LIVE! Tag Team Championship

Nikki Bella VS Natalya

Much like Nikki Bella’s previous feud with Carmella, this feels like nothing more than a filler feud, if you will. However this is not a dig at either competitor, just the feud itself has not be enticing. There has simply been no incentive for the feud, not to mention how long it has gone on for. Despite the personal implications planted in the feud, it has felt like nothing more than shoot on Nikki Bella at times. Overall I cannot look past Nikki Bella defeating Natalya, subsequently culminating this feud.

Prediction: Nikki Bella to defeat Natayla

Alexa Bliss VS Naomi: WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Naomi is the most underrated Women’s wrestler in WWE. She is so much fun to watch in the ring, much like her amazing feat of agility. While Alexa Bliss has done a good job at the top of the Women’s Division on Smackdown, you have to feel Naomi’s time is now. She has more than proven herself at this point. Therefore I am predicting a title change on the road to Wrestlemania; Naomi shall walk out of Arizona Smackdown LIVE! Women’s Champion.

Prediction: Naomi to defeat Alexa Bliss and become WWE Smackdown LIVE! Women’s Champion

Becky Lynch VS Mickie James

Upon her return to WWE Mickie James is back to her heelish ways. Aligning herself with Alexa Bliss, James was the mystery person who cost Becky Lynch her matches against Bliss. While the reveal was almost predictable it is something that benefits Lynch. As she may be out of the running for the Women’s Champion it is pleasing to see her remain on the card. Also, there is no better way for fans to retain interest in Lynch than facing someone of James’ quality. For now I am looking towards a Becky Lynch victory.

Prediction: Becky Lynch to defeat Mickie James

Apollo Crews & Kalisto VS Dolph Ziggler: 2-On-1 Handicap Match

Having Dolph Ziggler turn heel was the best move for him. The showoff began to lack any serious momentum as a face, therefore a heel turn was the catalyst for change, or so it seemed. On the other hand while it is nice to see Apollo Crews on a PPV card, this bout and potentially this feud won’t essentially be beneficial for him. Ideally I would have Crews and Ziggler face off 1-on-1 as it would seem more logical. Simply speaking, a handicap match is not very befitting. I predict a victory for Dolph Ziggler because heels do not play to the so-called numbers game.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler to defeat Apollo Crews & Kalisto

Luke Harper VS Randy Orton

The ever-growing friction in the Wyatt Family shall finally be released. The winner of 2017 Royal Rumble Match Randy Orton faces off against Luke Harper, in what could be described as a grudge match. Recently Harper has been indicating an exile from the family, turning against his leader Bray Wyatt. While Wyatt shall be in the Chamber Match, Harper and Orton look to settle their feud. Ultimately I can only foresee an Orton victory, as the Viper heads to Wrestlemania 33.


Mojo Rawley VS Curt Hawkins

Are you watching Zack Ryder? Since Ryder’s untimely injury, Mojo Rawley has stepped up as a singles competitor. So far so good for one half of the Hype Bros. On the pre-show he shall face former Tag Team partner of Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins who since his WWE return has been, well….. confusing to say the least. The momentum of Mojo Rawley shall continue as he shall stay Hyped! with a win over Curt Hawkins.

Prediction: Mojo Rawley to defeat Curt Hawkins

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