15 July 2024

Wrestlemania Heading For London?

Is London Ready For The Grandest Stage Of Them All?

ng fans have been hopeful that one day the UK shall host Wrestlemania. While at one point it was a real possibility, those hopes more or less faded some time ago. However it would appear as if WWE fans in the UK, can be hopeful once again.

In an article published by the Independent, WWE conducted a survey this week, where they revealed the list of cities which may potentially host Wrestlemania, in the future. Notably amongst the cities listed was indeed London. Which now leaves us UK fans wondering; Is WWE really considering London as a future hosting city for Wrestlemania?

The UK has not hosted a major WWE PPV since 1992, which was Summerslam at the old Wembley Stadium. Ever since then the UK has been subjected to the odd PPV show here and there, as well as house shows and live events every year.

None the less are we closer than ever to seeing Wrestlemania in the UK? Or are we once again an afterthought?

Where would you like to see Wrestlemania in the UK? Do you believe London should be the hosting city? Let us know………


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