15 July 2024

Wrestlemania 33 Match Preview: Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg For The WWE Universal Championship

13 years after their first encounter, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg shall battle on the grandest stage once again. A lot has changed since their Wrestlemania 20 bout, including the course of their respective careers. Here is a match preview for their bout at Wrestlemania 33.

The Feud

Upon returning to WWE last October, Goldberg set out to face Brock Lesnar once again. Ultimately Lesnar accepted Goldberg’s challenge and the two faced off at WWE Survivor Series. However The Beast was in for a rude awakening as he beaten in 1 minute and 26 seconds. Toronto and the WWE universe sent into a state of shock, as well as the wrestling world coming to a standstill.

After a brief hiatus Both Goldberg and Lesnar returned at WWE Royal Rumble, being participants in the 30 man Royal Rumble match. Once again Lesnar was left embarrassed by Goldberg after an elimination. Goldberg would then go on to face Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane, where he would win the title. Brock Lesnar refuses to be belittled by Goldberg, thus these two bohemians shall battle at Wrestlemania once again. This time for the WWE Universal Championship.

The Match

Cast your mind back to Wrestlemania 20, Madison Sqaure Garden. In their final matches for the company Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar was essentially a flop. Both guys seemingly had no care in the world, both on their way out and overall their match was bad. Fast-forward 13 years later, they shall go at it again but this time for the WWE Universal Championship.

Okay so this is not a dream match because we have already seen it. Also without being vague they are both part-timers, which is a very divisive issue in professional wrestling, especially the WWE. Therefore with this in mind what outcome can we expect? And what implications shall be forced into effect? Lets weigh them up…….


Recent reports have suggested Goldberg may not be around for too much longer. Some reports even suggested the former WCW star shall be departing the company shortly after Wrestlemania. Thus with this in mind one shall have to take these rumors very lightly. This is because while it does seem more than likely that Goldberg will leave shortly after ‘Mania, who is to suggest he doesn’t stick around? At this point it would be sensible to be more inclined that ‘Mania is potentially Goldberg’s last hurrah. But the winds of change within the WWE can flicker within a blink of the eye, so who knows…….

Brock Lesnar

After losing within a minute to Goldberg at Survivor Series, surely Lesnar can claim his thorn of dominance once again. Much like recent reports on Goldberg; it has been rumored that Lesnar will be leaving WWE sometime after Wrestlemania 34 next year. In addition to this he is also said to be facing Roman Reigns, in what would be Reigns defining match as the top guy of WWE. Lesnar is more than likely to win at this point, as he is seemingly odds on to claim his first WWE Universal Championship.


I am not even going to bother guessing how this bout shall play out. No chance, Survivor Series has caused me trust issues with match booking! However I will go out on record now and say that Brock Lesnar will defeat Goldberg, to become the new WWE Universal Champion.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar To Defeat Goldberg & become new WWE Universal Champion.


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