14 July 2024

WIN!WIN!WIN! The Elephant To HollyWood Michael Caine Autobiography

“Hello my name is Paul Devine and not alot of people know that!”

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s Michael Caine was one of the coolest actors of his generation with classic movies and characters such as Harry Palmer, Ipcress Files, Get Carter, Zulu and The Italian Job, he was the essential British tv gangster or spy. He gave us endless classic lines and believe it or not he was a fashion icon when he was a young man, a bit like a David Beckham of the 1960’s, his iconic glasses he wore when he protrayed Harry Palmer have also inspired fashion styles of the past few years and Ive even heard people talk about there glassess as there ‘Harry Palmers’!  The past few years Michael Caine has shot back into the Hollywood blockbusters with playing Alfred the Butler in Nolan’s Dark Knight movies as well as Leonardo Di Caprio‘s father in Inception and the brilliant Harry Brown which shows the youngsters out there he can still be a tough guy .

I could go on forever about the great man’s illustrous career but I cant but there is one way you can read about it in his new Autobiography THE ELEPHANT TO THE CASTLE which was released recently. In association with the books publishers HodderBooks Ive received several copies of the book which you guys out there can actually win!

So what do I have to do? Michael Caine is king of some of movies greatest lines so this is a caption comeptition

So what is the greatest Michael Caine movie line?

Send your answer along with your name and hometown and email it to thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com (in email header have Michael Caine Comp)

deadline for this comepition is November 19th (2359hr)with the winners been annouced on November 21st. Good Luck! —————————————————————————————————————————————————

This competition is opened to UK and Irish readers only (sorry the postage is too expensive!) and The Peoples Movies have the right to alter, change or stop the above qcompetition without reason, judges  say is final. Winners will be contacted and asked for contact information to send prize only and contact info will not be used for junk mail your privacy assured. Prizes will be sent out within 7-10 days after competition

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