19 June 2024

What is the greatest movie poster ever created?

There will be loads of movie posters that have caught your eye over the years. We see them all the time on massive billboards, the side of bus stops and just about everywhere that you look inside a cinema.

The question is, which is the greatest movie poster ever created? Here at United Carlton, we have attempted to shorten the list of millions down to these seven standout examples.

However, we need your help to decide which one deserves the prestigious honour of being the best. Take a look at our top choices below, then head across to our Twitter page and let us know the one you like best. We would love to hear your alternative suggestions too.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is so much to love about the comic-book style movie poster that Richard Amsel created for Raiders of the Lost Ark. From the sense of adventure to the teases of romance and of course the inclusion of many enemies, the graphic provided you with plenty of hints towards Indiana Jones’ epic without giving much away.


One of the greatest aspects of this movie poster is that you will understand the central plot behind Jaws within seconds of glimpsing it. There’s so much more to love about this graphic though, such as the menacing great white shark rising from the depths of the poster onto an unsuspecting victim –and the fantastic hand-drawn design.

Apocalypse Now

With its rather sinister orange glow, the poster of Apocalypse Now is magnificent in that it perfectly sets the scene of the challenge of journeying up the jungle river that features within the graphic. In fact, the poster and the film itself have a link; they are both not about the plot but more about the general feeling of taking on such a tortuous voyage.


Referring to the golden movie poster (though the graphic with the film’s name stretching across a series of buildings, and the one with the city on a character’s back are also very iconic), this graphic has an Art Deco theme, featuring powerful and machine-like illustration and typography which perfectly captures the tone of the movie.

Clockwork Orange

Sometimes, keeping it simple does the trick — as the movie poster for Clockwork Orange showcases. The only colours featured on the graphic are tones of black, orange and white sitting on a stark white background, while the inclusion of lead character Alex DeLarge staring out at viewers with a knife in hand made for an unnerving scene.

Pulp Fiction

There are so many throwbacks to the noir era when you look upon the Pulp Fiction movie poster. Keep an eye out for the magazine masthead, the many creases designed across the graphic and a 10-cent price tag in particular. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the femme fatale portrayed by Uma Thurman, who stares out of the poster with her cold eyes.


The movie poster for Moon is a treat on the eyes, with Sam Rockwell’s character appearing tragic in the centre of a series of swirling, vertigo-esque circles which comes together to represent the moon itself. Add to this the actor’s name sitting on its own in one of the top corners of the graphic, and a bold black backdrop, and feelings of loneliness and isolation are sure to be felt.

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