20 June 2024
Cats Of Malta watch Trailer set for September release

Watch UK Trailer For The Heart Warming Cats Of Malta

Cats Of Malta watch Trailer set for September release

A few years ago Elizabeth Lo‘s Stray stole our hearts with dogs of Istanbul. Next month Sarah Jayne Portelli’s heart warming documentary Cats Of Malta will be released and today we can enjoy the film’s UK Trailer.

Cats Of Malta is a documentary giving a voice to Malta’s stray cats and cat-culture through candid interviews with charismatic local feeders, artists and volunteers.

The film has been touring the world’s film festivals, picking up numerous awards and nominations. Those awards from the critics to best film and if you enjoyed Lo’s film, you’ll dig this one.

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Cats of Malta takes audiences on a journey through the island’s colorful cat colonies, cat cafes, parks and streets to meet local volunteer feeders, business owners and artists whose lives are enriched by stray cats.

Each interview reveals more about Malta’s cat culture, while illuminating the mental health benefits the stray felines provide locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a deep dive into the inner workings of the island’s cat community and experience their highs and lows as the cats unite the island.

By highlighting the strength of community and focusing on the relatable universal themes of compassion and unconditional love, Cats of Malta shifts beyond solely pleasing cat enthusiasts into the realm of education, tourism and good old-fashioned, feel-good entertainment.

Cats of Malta will be available in the UK and Ireland on Digital Download from 25th September.
Cats Of Malta UK Poster

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