26 May 2024

Watch UK Trailer For Retaliation Starring Orlando Bloom

Revenge is on Orlando Bloom‘s mind as ghosts of his dark past return in the UK Trailer for Retaliation.

It feels like an eternity since we spoke about this film originally titled Romans, we we reviewed the film back at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2017. Last Summer the film, now under it’s current title was released in the States we were expecting the UK release to follow weeks or months later. Nearly 12 months on Zee Studios picked up the  UK rights and we have it’s Trailer ahead of it’s official release.

The British indie follows Malky a demolition worker whose world is turned upside down. When a night out with friends gets chaotic when he  comes face to face with the man who abused him when he was a child. As the trauma of  destroys him, Malky plans revenge and make the man responsible repent for his ‘sins’.

We have no clue why this film has taken so long to get a UK release.  Probably the dark subject of abuse which is no easy watch, nor can we truly understand the true pain of those who were abused.

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Fuelled by anger, a demolition worker seeks revenge against the man he holds responsible for a traumatic childhood incident.

Orlando Bloom plays Malky, a demolition worker whose latest assignment is to tear down the church where he was molested by a priest as a young boy. His desire to eradicate the past is made abundantly clear by the physical ferocity with which he handles the assignment. Unfortunately, that past rears its ugly head when Malky meets the now elderly priest at a local pub. This encounter sends the already fragile Malky into an emotional tailspin and has to decide whether to seek revenge against this priest or find another path.

The film co-stars Janet Montgomery, Charlie Creed-Miles, Anne Reid, and Alex Ferns.

Retaliation premieres on 26th March in UK and Ireland Digitally.

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