29 May 2024
Viggo Mortensen in Eureka

Watch UK Trailer For Lisandro Alonso’s Eureka

Viggo Mortensen in Eureka

10 years after Jauja, Argentinian filmmaker Lisandro Alonso returns to the big screen with Eureka, Watch UK Trailer.

Eureka reunites Alonso with the director reteaming with his Jauja star Viggo Mortensen. The film also stars Chiara Mastroianni, Alaina Clifford, and Sadie Lapointe.

Described as a richly-textured old-style Western, shot in monochrome. Right away reminds us of Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man; from there the film glides into the modern US in full colour, with Alaina Clifford as a disgruntled cop on a Native American reservation… and then time travels back to a 1970s Brazilian jungle.

The film made it’s world premiere last year at Cannes Film Festival. The critical response was mixed, this feels like it belongs in the same world as Jauja. We are promised an wonderfully opaque and mesmerising film experience that rewards viewers with its triple-stranded storyline brought to life with mesmeric, dreamlike cinematography (by Timo Salminen and Mauro Herce Mira).

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Alaina is tired of being a police officer in the Pine Ridge Reservation and decides to stop answering her radio. Her niece Sadie spends a long night waiting for her, to no avail. Hurt, she decides to begin her journey with the help of her grandfather: she will fly through time and space to South America, finally she will stop watching old black and white westerns that do not represent her in any way, and everything will feel different when she hears the dreams of other people, those who live in the forest. But there will be no definitive conclusions… Birds don’t talk to humans, yet if only we could understand them, they would surely have a few truths to tell us.

Sovereign Film Distribution will give Eureka a limited UK and Irish cinema release from 16th February.

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