20 June 2024

The Peoples Movies have been big fans of Asian cinema and Television for a very long time. We give our support to any film or show that opens the door to a whole new world to anyone. More recently Netflix‘s Squid Game has had an unbelievable response globally.

Eureka Entertainment have released the trailer for tense crime thriller Midnight starring Wi Ha-Jun (the cop Hwang Jun-hoine from Squid Game).The film has been described as a life-threatening hide-and-seek between a psychopathic killer and a deaf woman.

We know there is many people refuse to watch films or TV shows with subtitles, regardless what anyone says. If you do give it a chance, world you’re opening the door too is amazing. Rise above the inch subtitle barrier check this one out…

Hearing impaired Kyung-mi (Ki-joo Jin) catches the attention of Do-Sik (Wi Ha-Jun; Squid Game), a mysterious serial killer that’s been stalking their neighbourhood. Do-Sik targets Kyung-mi, presuming her deafness will make her an easy target, sparking a twisted game where the killer hides in plain sight.

An intense, unpredictable thriller from debut director Kwon Oh-seung; Midnight joins the pantheon of great South Korean thrillers.

The film also stars Jin Ki-Joo, Park Hoon, Gil Hae-Yeon, Kim Hye-Yoon and Na Eun-Saem.

Midnight will be released by Eureka Entertainment under their Montage Pictures on Blu-ray and Digital from 14th March 2022.

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