22 May 2024
Watch Video interview with Sarah Alexander Marks The Caller out now to own

Watch The Caller Interview – Sarah Alexandra Marks (actress)

Watch Video interview with Sarah Alexander Marks The Caller out now to own

Versatile, talented Essex girl Sarah Alexandra Marks discussing The Caller, a movie which Eric Roberts’ voice is used to perfection; it’s a secluded, intense thriller punching above its weight.

The film also stars Eric Roberts, former Doctor Who Colin Baker, Dani Thompson and, sleek Amber Doig-Thorn. It has won multiple awards at festivals including The Milan Gold Awards, Paradise Film Festival and the Mabig Film Festival.

This is the debut feature from writer/director Richard Anthony Dunford. Marks plays Izzy a call centre worker for a bank who works remotely from home. After an altercation with a cash-strapped customer, Izzy is harassed and is terrified the threats might become reality.

In my video interview with Sarah, she talks career with me was an absolute joy, what a great person and funny. Sarah has no doubt a long successful screen journey ahead.

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This taut and tense thriller starts with a shocking, bloody prologue and doesn’t let up for ninety minutes. Sarah Alexandra Marks (Kill Kane) is terrific as Izzy, a young woman working remotely for a bank, who gets into an altercation with a cash-strapped customer called Caleb Baxter, played by Hollywood legend Eric Roberts (The Expendables). Baxter starts to harass Izzy over the phone, saying he will track her down. Worried he might well be able to do that through her social media profile, the increasingly jumpy and unnerved Izzy, house-sitting in an isolated bungalow, realises Caleb’s appalling threats might just become a brutal reality.

The Caller is available now on Digital Download in the UK and Ireland.

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