29 May 2024

Warner Bros To Bring Sci-fi ALL YOU NEED IS A KILL graphic Novel to big screen

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source SlashFilm

 Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s ALL YOU NEED IS  KILL graphic novel  an Manga novel that has been brought to the west via VIZ Media has had its rights bought buy Warner Bros. According to  Deadline  Warner apparently paid a ‘low seven figure sum’against its purchase price of $3million and what makes the price more over the top is that the money they’ve paid is only for a spec-script adaptation. This is big buck for an relatively unknown book but it shows Warner may think this has massive pulling power but Warner explain “an aggressive progress to production clause” in the contract signing, so what does that mean?

Basically this would mean the movie will likely go into production within the next twelve months and if this is to suceed you need a quality cast but who will be available at such notice plus who can they afford at such short notice? One person connected to the movie is Dante Harper who has made a name for creating some very strong scripts including a adaptation of Charles Burns Black Hole comicbook, he already has a long list of production managerial jobd and the odd acting role including The Onion Movie giving him a very intersting resume and sure ‘cult’ following.

All You Need Is Kill is a story about a young soldier sent out to fight against alien invaders but he gets killed only for a time loop to be created to repeat his day fighting and been killed again, again and again. Right away Groundhog day comes to mind but it seems the soldiers fighting skills do get better each time he is killed.

Duncan Jones is currently filming a movie called Source Code which has big similarities but the difference is Jones movie involves a terrorist scenario rather than an invading alien war scenarion. So all you can say is this could be Warner Bros movie to challange Jones Source code?

What do you think of this project? Have you read the book? Is it worthy of the big money Warner have paid or is it just a gamble? If available who would you have in this?

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