21 June 2024

Vanessa Hudgens Strips as Nic Cage ‘Acts’ In The Frozen Ground Trailer


It’s Business as usual in Cage World with another one for the ever expanding filmography and the same old same old character but we’ll give him credit as he does try to be different but it’s the sign of the times, need the cash you take what’s available. After the weekend’s I wanna be Taken in a New York Cab Stolen trailer tonight we have a trailer for The Frozen Ground starring John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens.

Based on a true story Cage plays Glen Rothe an Alaskan cop who follows the investigation of serial killer Robert Hansen, who killed /stalked up to 21 young women back in the 1980’s. Cusack has the privilege of playing Hansen with Hudgens playing the 17 year girl who escapes from Hansen and holds key information in them capturing Hansen. This is actually a rough cut/promo trailer that looks to have been ‘leaked’ online hence the lower quality, unedited final product  even taking that aside sadly this looks run of the mill direct to dvd film which will be selling for cheap in a few weeks after its release at your local supermarket. It looks like it’s trying to portray itself in the same vein as Insomnia which we know its nothing like and with the serious bible quote  might want to kid us this is decent, the early warning signs should be 2 words 50 Cent who is this films producer! Don’t give up your day job Curtis! But I’m sure those adolescent post Disney watching boys will love the fact Vanessa Hudgens is trying everything to loose her image as a Disney star by been a stripper come young prostitute with surprise surprise  50 Cent as her pimp.

No word on the UK release from Lionsgate just yet however American cinephiles can catch this November 30th also starring Radha Mitchell, Dean Norris.


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