22 May 2024

Hello all, I’ve been back nearly 2 weeks now and apart from recovering from jetlag and search for a proper job, I have been busy doing my best to update the blog, so here’s a little rundown on what Ive done along with info on what im going to do and help with.


I’ve take out all the trailers for films that are already in the cinemas now with exception of this weeks releases. Ive added quite a few new trailers including Ninja Assasin, The Book of Eli (Washington, Oldman), Alice in wonderland (Depp), Saw VI, I love you Phillip Morris (Carey, McGregor), Dorian Grey, The Mystery Team, Hot Tub Time Machine (Cusack), Brothers (Maguire, Gllyenhaal), The Fantastic Mr Fox, The Other Man, Percy Jackson & Olympians, A Serious Man (Coen Brothers) and today Ive just posted the trailers for [Rec]2.

As for how the trailer page will be presented, Ive decided im going to replace the posters and have photo/logo of the film which will take you to info page about the film. I think this will be better as many films release more than 1 trailer and this will give me the chance to post the trailer in the trailers page. The posters will still stay in the Coming Soon page and today I done a little rumble round the movie websites to try grab release dates for the films coming to UK, today I got a few new dates. There is’nt many UK movie websites online so its quite hard to get a british release date and anytime I cant get a date I will try put the movie in the month it will be released in USA as alot of the times they are similar. Still be aware that all dates of movies are not confirmed and can change anytime, The Wolfman is prime example as it now has a 2010 release date than a November 2009 date.

In Cinema’s Now is a fairly straight forward update. I know its not exact list but if you can help and tell what films are in your cinema’s Ill do my best touse them to decide what movies are still in British screens.


Today I finally got all the reviews from China posted along with the Public Enemies review done, I dont why it took my so long but it did and it felt like it took forever!!! This week I hope to go and see Taking of Pelham 123, so ill get the review on line soon as possible.(China Review are Transformers 2, Night at The Museum 2, Terminator Salvation, Harry Potter& Half Blood Prince)

I hate asking constantly, yes this is my blog and alot of the content should be mine but I name the blog the peoples movies for a reason, a place for the people of the streets to send in their reviews so they can be shared by others. Ive always noticed in alot of things people will listen more to other people than many professional writers and reporters, so I open my blog for you guys send me your movie reviews! Yes its a UK based but Ill appreciate reviews wherever you come from. All I ask is you include what cinema/town, date and your rating (out of 5) with your review.


In the Links page I have added alot of banner links to many of the new movies that are coming out soon, I add new links when I get them. They will all be links connected to movies/cinemas, etc.. I am hoping to create a small banner link to be used for any other blog website that wants to link with me. You will have noticed that theres a ARTICLES/POSTS page now. I decided to collect the links for all the articles and post done by myself as well as other contributors giving people a chance tofind easily and  read some of the previous posts. I have had many compliments on many of the posts, so its nice for new people to read them. As for new articles Ive included a 2 part article on my cinema experience in China (Cinemas in China: Guangzhou style), A post HMV and curzon Groups joint venture off opening cinemas with HMV  stores!!! I have a few other things I hope to get online very soon.


As you’ll know ive signed the blog upto many social networks and bookmark sites. Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg This, Delicious and now Ive signed for Propeller and just signed up for facebook and Myspace both of these are bare at the moment but will get sorted very shortly( I will add badges for links to them A.S.P), So please go to these sites and vote, digg, comment for me please (some sites im Thepeoplemovie), spread the word about my blog.


Its been a while since Ive designed but Im hoping to get a few banners and badges, link buttons to put on the blog just to give the blog a more exciting look, so look out for these banners.


Ive got a few ideas on new stuff to include in the blog. Any articles done outside this blog by other people and it looks interesting I will post it on the blog. Many articles, posts nowdays have a share button so if its good ill post it here. I am also going to start adding video  interview, featurettes, also any poster designs anything interesting i put it here.

I am also going to start a new section called Films to watch before you die your chance to tell us about your fsvourite film, why you like and why people should see it before they die,I have a few movies and the first will be Schindler’s list. Remember it can be any film, any year, any genre. I am also going to do pieces on Hayo Miyazaki, Steven Spielberg, so if you got something you want to post please post it.

I want also to have a page or at least include in the blog the world cinema scene.Bring you trailers, news, release info on the worlds movies. I am a big fan of Asian cinema, but there is many great films from Europe, Afria and South America as well. I would be greatful for some help, so if you are very knowledgable on world cinema and can get those news/stories/info and trailers please get in touch.


I know people come on this blog, since end of May this year when I relaunched the blog there has been over 2,500 hits which isnt bad for a amatuer blog which has limited promotion. All I ask when you read anything please post a comment, let me know what you think. When you read that I get so many hit to the blog and no comments, it feels like you do this for nothing, comments help stimulate the blog. It also helps to let me know what I maybe doing wrong or even right. Please tell people about this blog, if you do a blog yourself I will do the same for you, its the old you scratch my back, ill scratch yours.

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