15 June 2024

Under The Dome The Batman Panel

Finally (finally!) we come to what should have been the main event – The Batman. DC/Warner Bros tentpole franchise came online at 1:30 am in the UK. Arguably the most popular superhero in the world was relegated to last place and what was supposed to be sending out the first (and hopefully last) DC Fandome, it came across more like an embarrassing moment they’d rather forget. Especially as it was introduced by a dishevelled lockdown Robert Pattinson.

Director Matt Reeves was introduced and was there for the duration being interviewed by Aisha Tyler and given questions by fans over Twitter and on video. Dressed like a bartender from the Old West, Reeves talked about influences from movies such as The French Connection, Taxi Driver and Chinatown, the Batsuit and where The Batman picks up Bruce Wayne’s story. He also stated that it wasn’t an origin story (no pearls for Martha) and that Batman is a criminological experiment with Bruce Wayne making mistakes along the way. Reeves also mentions Darwin Cooke’s Ego as the comic book influence on the new movie, a little know title for most fans, but a vivid insight into Reeves vision for the final movie. However, although Reeves mentioned Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz and Jon Turturro playing Carmine Falcone, none of the actors were present which would have livened things up a little.

Reeves went on to talk about his love for Batman, from Adam West in his childhood, to the cinematic adventures of Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Then a trailer was introduced, apologetically stating that they’d only been able to shoot 25% of the movie so far.

The trailer looks promising though, especially considering what they had already put together. It showed Pattinson in and out of the Batsuit, a Joker gang (although Joker not confirmed to be in the movie himself) and a voiceover from Andy Serkis. There are some good action scenes and good one liners and a mysterious voice telling Bruce that he’s just a part of something bigger. Court of Owls, anyone? OK well it’s 2 AM and I’m going to bed, maybe I’ll be doing this all again next year and who knows, maybe in person.

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