20 May 2024

Tron Legacy – Offical Trailer HD

tronlogo The first teaser/test trailer for Tr2n (or Tron Legacy) has been posted online. Well this is the trailer I believe they shown at one of the big American comic conventions and its been spruced up and made into glorious High Definition.

If you where a kid of the 1980’s you would have seen or at least heard of this classic Disney sci-fi movie. This film in 1980’s was away ahead of its time in Special fx, animation etc and even today it still looks very fresh looking and with todays technology advances Tron 2 looks even better.

Jeff Bridges returns as Kevin Flynn and once again A virtual-world worker looking  to take down the Master Control Program. There is also rumoured that Bruce Boxleitner will return as Alan Bradley, theres talk John Hurt will be there too.

The movie will be directed by Joseph Kosinski andwho is also going to remake another Sci-Fi classic Logans Run for 2010. Walt Disney Studios will be releasing the film, Im a little confused on when this movie will be out expect late 2010 possibly 2011. If you’ve never seen Tron go to dvd store and buy or rent it.

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