26 May 2024

Trailer One for Karate Kid 2010

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Like Jaden Smith’s hairstyle here’s one many of you (including me) have been DREADing, the first trailer for the 2010 remake of THE KARATE KID (Sorry for the bad joke it is the festive season after all!!).

Trailer was released by Sony and is a based on the 1980’s “classic” movie and the new version just got the same story a single mother and son move away from home (this time Beijing, China) because she has to work, son falls and love a cute local girl and gets beat up by a bully. Bring in Jackie Chan who teaches the boy karate and discpline, fights the bully & wins and bobs yer uncle, blah, blah….

Apart from the few homages paid to original this is one of the movies that proves the lack of creativity from the bigwigs from Hollywood another and these people havent clicked that many avid movie goers are getting pissed off. month after month we get hit with double standards time to be creative guys!!!

If you’ve never seen the original I reccomend you rent or buy it that  and give this  movie a wide by-pass and save your good money for something better.

Karate Kid the remake will be out July 16th in UK & Ireland

source – Collider

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