18 June 2024

Top 10 Disappointing Films of 2019 (Scott Gilliland)

Another fantastic Top 10 list from Scott Gilland. You’ve read his Best Films, Worst Films, Overlooked films, now Disappointing films of 2019. So what’s the difference with the other lists? These films are ones we all had high expectations, but left Scott dispiriting most of all frustrated. As I’ll say in every list we do, the film choices are subjective. Off course we won’t always agree with every choice but we’ll respect them…

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The Lion King

It just felt that The Lion King played itself just far too close to the original. I know Disney love these “live-action” versions, but they also have to offer something new and different. Here? Not so much and that is just disappointing. Why utilise all that technology and talent for a practical shot for shot remake. Such a shame. [our review]

IT: Chapter Two

Far too long and far too boring. Although they were in a hole with how to properly show the Ritual of Chud, there is at least an hour that could have been cut altogether from it. Yes, we adored the kids in the first chapter, but was their (de-aged) presence really required for this part of the story? I do not think so. There are obvious bright spots in the film, but overall it was a disappointment and a self-inflicted one at that. [our review]

Avengers: End Game

Yes, it is the highest-grossing film of all time (with a good bit of cheating and not for long ( do you really think Avatar won’t get another release when all of the sequels come out?)) But was it really any good? For someone who has followed all the characters in every movie and mid-credit and end credit scene, possibly. But for people like me who do not have any real affinity for the franchise, but has watched them. I was… Bored. The Russo’s did a tremendous job in getting all of this together, but it dragged for me in large portions. [our review]

Men In Black: International

This could have been the start of a wonderful new set of films for the franchise, yet it just didn’t connect. Maybe they went too big too soon? The chemistry between Tessa Thompson and Chris Helmsworth is there. We saw it in Thor 3. But, nothing clicked. A sad end to what could have gone on to be something far bigger. [our review]


Perhaps they should have just ended it with that end credits sequence and leave the audience guessing at what could be done. For all the work M. Night Shyamalan did in rebuilding himself, he seems to have squandered it for… The two previous films were tremendous, yet it is almost unexplainable as to why this didn’t work. It SHOULD work, it has everything on its side, but here we are. [our review]


The only disappointing thing about Rocketman is its damn release date. Why would you release this in May when you could give this a prime slot later in the year so it could do Bohemian Rhapsody levels of money and then take all of the same plaudits. This is a truly great movie that is better than Bohemian Rhapsody. But you would never know it because of where it was released in the year. This could have gotten in my overlooked and best-of lists, but I wanted to save it here so I could truly complain about how it was mistreated. Such a shame, though I am pleased Taron Egerton got his deserved nomination. He and Dexter Fletcher should have more though.[our review]


Another one that didn’t really need to get made but was. The casting was spot-on, but it wasn’t the best sadly. Not the worst either, but just plain disappointing. What could have been…

Lucy in the Sky

Natalie Portman will always give her best in performance and usually, that will lift a film that is poor in other places. Sadly she was not helped by too many things here. The film is too slow and poorly written for the cast they had at their disposal. Knowing that this was based on a true story in some form increases the disappointment as it was not as if that story was uninteresting. Another shame.


An actual original premise and a modern one at that. I had many a high hope for this film, but despite again, a strong cast, the story and direction lets the film down. Where things should be amping up, we get the silly shocks. This could have been Final Destination for a new generation, but unless the proposed sequel can improve on the predecessor we are going to be disappointed. [our review]

The LEGO Movie 2

They didn’t wait quite long enough to counter the LEGO movie franchise fatigue. Throwing out film after film, in the end, hurt this one. Not one that you will be sad to skip. [our review]

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