20 June 2024

Time To Check Into Arrow’s Hotel Poseidon Watch New Trailer

Nightmares and reality clash in Stefan LerousHotel Poseidon. Now out to watch on ARROW who have released an uniquely strange new Trailer and clip for the film.

After announcing the Belgium filmmaker’s debut feature back in November, the streaming channel have did what they could to remind us a stay at The Poseidon will be an existential purgatory.

The story follows the hotel owner Dave whose Days and nights just seem to blend together. So when a woman knocks on the door looking for a room, his friend wanting to party, a surreal haunting night waits for all!

You can also enjoy a number of new extras including a couple of interviews/Q&A with director. A new commentary with the director, new introduction by Tine Van den Wyngaert plus much more.

It’s really tricky to truly describe this one, apart from check it out yourselves. If you love David Lynch, we can say you’ll dig this one…

A day in the life of reluctant hotel owner Dave – a man troubled by nightmares, his neighbour, his friends and love. Dave’s existence is hopeless. His days and nights blend into each other as he wanders vacantly through the halls of the Abandoned and dilapidated Hotel Poseidon, which he inherited from his deceased father. When a young woman knocks on the hotel’s door looking for a room, while Dave’s best friend wants to throw a party in the backroom, and a recurring dream haunts him, a surreal and grisly ordeal is set in motion.

Hotel Poseidon is available now to watch on ARROW to UK, Irish, U.S and Canadian subscribers.

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