26 May 2024

TIFF 2013 – Scarlett Johansson Seduces In Teaser For Under The Skin

He brought us a ‘Sexy Beast’ many moons ago and now seductive female alien in shape of Scarlett Johansson that preys on human men, watch first teaser trailer for Jonathan Grazer’s Under The Skin!

Under The Skin is based on a Michael Faber novel about an predatory alien who is sent to earth, landing in Scotland preying on men hitchhiking. Using her sexuality she seduces them kills them to send them back to her home but as she kills she grows a conscious and a curiosity for the human body making her think twice about her actions.

In first impressions reading the plot details  Under The Skin sounds like another species ala Natasha Henstridge though watch this trailer it’s too surreal . Some calling the film ‘Horror With Heart’ hopefully we’ll be able to let you know that as the film is due to play Toronto Film Festival which for the first time in our history we will be attending! The film has already played Telluride leaving with mixed reviews however many talking about Johansson’s  performance been described as first rate. Film certainly looks enticing, Satirical, creepy and that Scarlett Johansson has not lost her indie mojo that got her discovered in the first place.

No word on UK or Irish release date, but expect Under The Skin to arrive sometime 2014 which should give me enough time to escape as The People’s Movies HQ is based in Scotland! The film co-stars Paul Brannigan and Joe Szula.


The story of an alien in human form on a journey through Scotland. Part road movie, part science fiction, part real, it’s a film about seeing the world through alien eyes. Starring Scarlett Johansson.

source: The Guardian

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