14 June 2024

This April Arrow Video Invite You To ‘Lunch’

Cronenberg in UHD, Sonny Chiba’s Street Fighter trilogy, and a teen slasher with a killer hook

Feeling hungry? You will be when you see Arrow Video’s line up for April with the definitive release of a Cronenberg classic in UHD. There is also the UK Blu-ray debut of an action-packed Sonny Chiba collection, and a rediscovered horror gem. All those extras, features and collectables you expect from Arrow Video!

First in April, Naked Lunch, starring Peter Weller and Judy Davis, in 4K UHD. In a career dedicated to seeing the unseeable and filming the unfilmable, perhaps only David Cronenberg could really do justice to William S. Burroughs’ controversial novel. Weaving together elements of Burroughs’ own remarkable biography with the content of the book, Cronenberg’s film steps inside the body and mind of an author to depict the dangerous act of imagination itself from the inside out. Provocative, transgressive, and surreal, Naked Lunch is a feast for the senses, where nothing is true and everything is permitted. Featuring a new 4K restoration approved by director David Cronenberg, and packed with an exhaustive selection of extras. It will also be available on a Limited Edition two-disc Blu-ray, as well as an Arrow Store exclusive Original Art slipcase UHD edition.

Also in April we get the release of The Street Fighter Trilogy, on Limited Edition Blu-ray, starring Sonny Chiba as Takuma “Terry” Tsurugi, the animalistic antihero driven by sex, money and brawling, in the infamous series that first introduced the name of the martial arts legend to a global audience. The Street Fighter films made Chiba a star, so beloved by Quentin Tarantino he had the young lovers of True Romance meet-cute at a Sonny Chiba triple feature, and would later cast Chiba himself in Kill Bill. Making its UK Blu-ray debut, Arrow Video  presents The Street Fighter Trilogy in all its eye-popping, skull-crushing, throat-ripping glory, in a three-disc edition containing a booklet, poster, and with a reversible sleeve!

Finally in April, passions are aroused and old wounds reopened in Lovers Lane, a sassy post-Scream teen slasher based on the urban legend of “The Hook”. This scream-a-minute rollercoaster marked the film debut of Anna Faris (the Scary Movie series; Lost in Translation). The Blu-ray features a brand new 2K restoration, two versions of the film, an illustrated collector’s booklet and a new commentary. Be careful where you park!

Naked Lunch On Limited Edition 4K UHD 17th April
Naked Lunch Blu-ray coming 17th April 2023 from Arrow Video
Former junkie William Lee (Peter Weller, Robocop) makes ends meet as an exterminator. But when he and his wife Joan (Judy Davis, Barton Fink) discover the hallucinatory properties of the powder he uses to kill bugs, they become hooked, and their world is changed forever. Insects speak, typewriters mutate and talk, interdimensional beings reveal themselves, identities fracture and blur; nothing and no one is quite what it seems. When Bill, under the influence of drugs, or the bugs that have begun talking to him, shoots his wife, he flees to Interzone, at once a place and a state of mind, where things only get stranger.

Also available on Limited Edition Blu-ray | Limited Edition Original Artwork Slipcase UHD [Arrow Store Exclusive]

The Street Fighter Trilogy On Limited Edition Blu-ray  17th April 
the street fighters last revenge starring Sonny Chiba
The first film to receive an X rating in the U.S. purely on account of its violence, The Street Fighter sees Tsurugi embroiled in a game of double and triple crosses involving both local and foreign mafia gangs when he is hired to kidnap Sarai (Yutaka Nakajima, The Executioner 1 & 2), the beautiful heiress daughter of a recently deceased oil tycoon. In Return of the Street Fighter, Tsurugi uncovers an extortion racket behind the construction of a new karate dojo and a shadowy cabal whose reach stretches across the whole of Asia. In The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge, Chiba is joined by Toei star Reiko Ike (Girl Boss Guerrilla, Sex and Fury) as Tsurugi goes hand-to-hand against an ambitious public prosecutor (Koji Wada) with his own fists of fury over evidence of a corporate coverup involving a chemical spillage.

Lovers Lane On Blu-ray 24th April
Lovers Lane coming to Blu-ray from Arrow Video from 24th April 2023
A steamy secret tryst that was brutally cut short on Valentine’s Day an unlucky thirteen years ago comes back to haunt the teens who linger around the lovers lane where the double slaying took place. The County Sheriff Tom Anderson (Matt Riedy) has just about come to terms with the fact that it was his wife who died in another man’s car on that fateful night. His daughter Mandy (Erin J. Dean), who as a four-year-old saw her mother’s corpse carried away from the scene, has a different take on things. It doesn’t help that her classmate Michael (Riley Smith) lost his father to the same hook-handed homicidal maniac in that night’s incident. To cap it all off, as another Valentine’s Day comes round, reports come through that the man arrested as “The Hook” has just bust out of his asylum.

Also available on Blu-ray [Arrow Store Exclusive Slipcover]

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