22 June 2024

The Week In Cinehouse.No 5 – The weekly goings on at my other blog

Well another week has gone and here we are with the second installment of my weekly roundup of whats happened during the week at Cinehouse my other blog which focuses on the indie/arthouse and foreign movies through trailers, news,views,reviews, movie shorts. Please click on the links to go the trailer


Monday 3rd  – 9th August  2010

It’s back to reality after a really poor previous week with loads of trailers for everyone to enjoy, Monday 3rd It started quite with one trailer and a trailer for a movie we didnt expect to see one for a fourth trailer for Benny Chan’s mutant action flick CITY UNDER SEIGE. Tuesday 4th things picked up with 4 new ones first from Welsh rocker’s Super Furry Animals with the trippy SEPARADO! which focuses on the bands south American tour and the front man’s uncle who actually live in patagonia! USA will finally get to see Vincent Cassel as Jacques Mesrine in the first of 2 movies of MESRINE: DEATH INSTINCT, Superhero flicks arent just for Hollywood here is the trailer for classic Thai superhero THE RED EAGLE , Sons lock up your fathers as Troma are back with there usual array of degrading, exploitational low budget yarns with FATHERS DAY.

Wednesday 5th kicked off with another Greek movie trying to make it overseas like Dogtooth with Yiannis Economidis’s Mahairovgaltis.Guillermo Del Toro seems to be involved in everything but not just in Hollywood he still delves into the Spanish movie industry too and hes produced LOS OJOS DE JULIA (Julia’s Eyes). Do you think its only hollywood that remakes movies over and over again? No Korea does too with a new version of the John Woo Crime Noir A better Tomorrow now called INVINCBLE Thursday 6th saw the return of the Pang Brothers with the trailer for the third installment of The EYE franchise with CHILD’S EYE 3D and Friday 7th we found out how to make a concept work with a first trailer/test footage for indie sci-fi 0000.

Sunday 9th was another busy one starting first with a Ukrainian/Japanese mayhem with YAKUZA’S GIRL, the Japanese trailer for Isabel Coixet’s Map of the Sounds of Tokyo is getting a release in Japan as well as USA.Low budget fun from Korea with MR ZOMBIE who isn’t wanting to devour our flesh but rather save those who want to eat us! Who said slasher movies cant be fun, be a musical and involved children? here’s the trailer forCanadian short movie THE LEGEND OF BEAVER DAM. Finally September/October is time to admire a cinematic masterpeice when the movie masterpiece from Fritz Lang METROPOLIS will be getting screenings around UK &Ireland with the the 25 minutes new footage many beleived was lost.

Well that was another quick week in the world of independent, arthouse and world cinema as usual please visit the blog I do try to at least update once a day, but I cant do everything myself like with this blog so your help would be fantastic. Be it telling about new great movies from around the world or arthouse/independant movie in the form of trailers, teasers, news, information where ever in the world you are Ill try post it at the blog (checkout the details at the end). As I get every week and I apoligise why do I have a menu with most of the pages with a coming soon or no info at all, as I just mentioned this blog and cinehouse are one person I dont do this full time, Im just a movie fan with a passion for movies and I want to share as much as I can but I need you guys to help me. Yes I have blank pages but theres not enough time in the world to do everything so help me out I will get them done eventually! see you all next week!

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