19 May 2024

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Featurette – The Volturi


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It is getting closer to the big  day for all the Twilight fans out there with the release of movie number NEW MOON(November 20th). You already know about the Cullen from movie one and recently learned about the Wolfpack and thanks to Myspace here is a special featurette which take a close look at the powerful creepy but powerful Volturi clan. They are the new character to the new movie and this featurette will maybe shed a little (and show some new footage) on the mysterious vampire clan helping a little with people like myself who havent read the books.

So who’s in the clan?


Aro (Michael Sheen) The clans alpha leader but still shares the leadership with Marcus and Caius and has telepathic abilities to understand the others. Actor Michael Sheen is no stranger to Vampires and Werewolves as he plays the Lycans  leader Lucian  in Underworld.

Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower ) A stronghold in the Voltuiri and finds alot of displeasure in Aro for some of his decisions involving Edward and Bella, but he is calmed knowning there will be another day.

Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) Another leader with alot of apathy problems and does not know his wife Didyme was killed by her brother…Aro. He has the gift to understand relationships.

Alec (Cameron Bright) The highest ranked of the Volturi gaurd and twin brother of Jane. They both possess the power to cut off their victim’s senses rendering them blind, deaf and dumb.

Jane (Dakota Fanning)  the ruthless bitter sister of Alec and she is also a gaurd who shares the same gift as here brother.

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