20 June 2024
Much Ado (2023)

The Shakespeare Sisters Much Ado Gets A UK Trailer

Tanglewood Films have released the UK Trailer for the Shakespeare Sisters Much Ado. Which is set for a gala screening in the iconic Prince Charles Cinema London then Digital download.

The film stars Emma Beth Jones, Johnny Lucas, Jody Larcombe, James McClelland, and Luke Hunter. Directed by Hillary and Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare, Much Ado is described as a modern adaptation of  William Shakespeare’s classic using the original dialogue (Much Ado About Nothing).

We find ourselves in modern times, at a house party. Best friends Hero and Beatrice are also cousins, also Hero loves Beatrice ex best friend. When the pair get trapped together with a rugby team, the pair are faced to ask the burning question they have been avoiding.

Using the original dialogue, the Shakespeare Sisters set the classic story in a modern house party. Hero and Beatrice are cousins and best friends, who have very different approaches to love. Beatrice, burned once, is fiercely avoiding her arrogant ex-boyfriend Benedick and has sworn off men in general. Hero, a true romantic, is deeply in love with Benedick’s friend Claudio, but too shy to say it. When they get trapped in a house with the entire boy’s rugby team, they’ll be forced to face the questions they’d been avoiding.

Much Ado will screen at London’s The Prince Charles Cinema on 25th February ahead of the Digital Download release from 24th April.

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