20 May 2024

Hello all many thanks for everyone who has been checking out my blog and you may have noticed its been not updated for a while, well theres a reason.

Some of you already know but ive recently started work again working overseas in the holiday industry for a very well known holiday tour operator and Im now living and working in Kos, Greece. I travelled to greece on april 16th the day after the volcano fiasco so my journey began, my flight down to gatwick from glasgow was cancelled so was basically every flight around europe so I was stranded at home. My empolyers called me and my job training commenced in st.neots near bedford, england the training was nearing the end and still no flights and everyone was been sent home, well I had a problem no where to go. I volunteered to help in the call centre in coventry near birmingham and into my second day the flights commenced I now had to get to london luton airport 100 miles away.

Not everyone was flying only 3 from the group at call centre where flying out transport arrived but there was no room for a third persons luggage so I had to wait another 2 hours only to get to the airport in the nick of time to be told the flight was rescheduled!!! thankfully only 2 hours and finally 3 hours later im in the air!

I had a trek ahead of my which included island hoping, athens and very long waits. I dont know if you know your geography but greece is mad e up of alot of islands and my flight was to corfu in the north 2 hours away from kos in the south near turkey. We arrived in corfu early in the morning to find out my flight to kos was cancelled so no money or hotel a long 18 hour wait in corfu and we get onto a flight to athens and a nice excess luggage bill.

1 hour later we land so of ther other reps going to various islands left for there flights to rhodes, crete, samos, mykonos but kos workers we had to endure a 8 hour wait in athens when actually became a 11 hour wait. so after many hours in transit I finally arrived in kos greece 8days later.

so im in kos town the island capital im in my nice new flat for next 6 months, i need internet eventually I have wi-fi so great i can do some blogging but first i need sleep!!! now refreshed and waiting for the first holidaymakers to arrive on saturday may 1st i need to work out when i update the site as ive missed alot of new trailers, so apoligies there, ill do my best to update as much as i can, apoligies to all who sent me stuff to review ill do my best to review asp. But im going to miss alot of great new films or will i?

It looks like I wont as im living in kos town there is one small cinema showing movies in english with subtitles! at the moment its the ghost and today clash of the titans so i wont be waiting that long for movies to come out! Even better my first memory of my first summer holiday overseas was to greece and watching flash gordon in a outside cinema and kos does have a outdoor cinema as well im over the moon!!!

ok guys thanks once again for checking out the blog the next few days are going to be busy for me so ill try my best to update as much as i can but you can help me with any reviews, new trailers, news,etcc… just drop me a email at thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com.


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