16 June 2024
Only Murders Left In The Building (2021)

The Best Crime Solving Teams in TV Series

To celebrate the release of Only Murders in The Building new season we are taking a look at the best crime solving teams in TV series.

Artwork from Charlie's AngelsCharlie’s Angels

Liberating, sexy and a breakthrough for women in television; Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981) portrayed this private investigating team as much more than ‘meter maids’ and office workers, they were ardent law enforcers. With risqué and risky missions, this series is a true 1970s American cult classic. The original 3 angels were Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson and it is noted that the show set the precedent for women in law enforcement roles in television. With a whopping 115 episodes and 5 seasons, Charlie’s Angels continues to have pop culture syndication with new TV shows and film releases.

Image Credit: IMDB, Charlie’s Angels

The A-Team ArtworkThe A-Team

This action-adventure series from the 1980s sees a close-knit team of (fictious) wrongly accused ex-US army special forces men. A team that goes above and beyond for others (whilst also in the battle to clear their name) pull out all the stops to help the oppressed whenever they can. With action-packed sequences and memorable catchphrases, the team gives an excellent display of the power of teamwork and determination. A feature film based on the series was release by 20th Century Fox in 2010 and starred Liam Neeson.
Image Credit: IMDB, The A-Team




CSI: Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Police Department deep dive, this show follows the nights of the team of detectives working in the crime scene investigations bureau. The Emmy Award-winning CBS television series sees the forensic scientists unveil secrets and circumstances behind mysterious crimes and deaths. With 15 seasons of gripping plotlines, adrenalin-packed scenes and critical crime stopping collaborations, this CSI series is not one to miss!

Image Credit: IMDB, CSI: Las Vegas


Artwork for waking the dead



Waking the Dead

This BBC crime drama series is set in a fictional London-based cold case unit with police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist operating it. With 9 series of action, terrorist bombings, dead bodies with sorry carved on their backs and abducted children, the series highlights how a no-nonsense veteran (alongside his team) is pushed to their limits but wins when it matters.


Image Credit: IMDB, Walking The Dead

Law And Order:SVU Artwork



Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Law and Order SVU follows a team (filmed on location) in New York following the process of determining guilt or innocence whilst lives hang in the balance. The show adapts stories from current headlines and displays them from two vantage points, that of the police and that of the prosecution teams in court. The storylines are often slightly fabricated from current headlines by changing slight details. By touching on political and societal issues (including gender identity, sexual preferences, and equality rights), this captivating series is insightful, perceptive and informative.

Image Credit: Law and Order, Special Victims Unit (SVU)


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