16 June 2024
The Afterparty Season 2 arriving on Apple tv+ on 12th July

The Afterparty Season 2 Gets A Official Trailer!

‘Til Death Do Us Part’ … There’s been a murder! Tiffany Haddish is on it!

Sophie Ellis-Baxter sung about ‘Murder On The Dance Floor’, next month over at Apple TV+ They’ll be a ‘Murder at a wedding‘ in The Afterparty Season 2! Don’t worry Tiffany Haddish will be on the case and we have the official Trailer!

Chris Miller and Phil Lord can do no wrong these days. The recent release of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse which the pair co wrote the film and the brains behind The Afterparty.

Now we’re back for another round which sees the fateful evening with Detective Danner (Haddish) once again investigating a murder at a wedding party. Whodunnit? You’ll have 10 episodes showcasing each suspect and potential reasons for be guilty. Will it be comedy gold once again?

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From Academy Award winners Chris Miller and Phil Lord, each episode of “The Afterparty” explores a different character’s account of one fateful evening, all told through the lens of popular film genres and unique visuals to match the storyteller’s perspective. In season two, a wedding is ruined when the groom is murdered and every guest is a suspect. Detective Danner (Haddish) returns to help Aniq (Richardson) and Zoë (Chao) solve whodunnit by questioning family members, star-crossed lovers and business partners, and hearing each suspect’s retelling of the weekend, each with their own unique perspective and visual style.

The prime suspects for the new season will be Elizabeth Perkins, Zach Woods, Paul Walter Hauser, Poppy Liu, Anna Konkle, Jack Whitehall, Vivian Wu, John Cho and Ken Jeong.

The Afterparty will be premiering globally on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, 12th July.

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