25 May 2024

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So its the day after the Big night, the 82nd Oscars many thanks to the people who joined me on my stream and live updates of the event. Apologies that the stream cut out right at the end it was simply down to the broadcaster who was broadcasting via Justin.tv and the embeded stream was disabled by the broadcaster, but Im not a professional blogger so I was like most of you movie fans dont have coverage or even be able to afford the extra for  Sky movies.

So it was a big bonus getting the stream which made me enjoy the event even more as I dont think I would have hung out the 4 hours with no pictures, but with the hiccups we got there in the end and the peoples movies aftershow party was at 40winks, my bed!!! Well it was 5am in UK!!!

For those unfortunate not to be up for the oscars sometimes the only way to get there if your not invited as a audience academy  member you may either have to present, sing or dance and the night opened up with actor Neil Patrick Harris doing a little broadway musical number before the nights hosts saved his blushes, that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Apart from a few shakey moments I there jokes and humour did seem to go down well and any of the stars they did have a stick at did take it in there stride, all part of the nights fun. The only bit I was unsure ifs hes acting or not and 99% he was, was the part when the hosts humour was directed at George Clooney Mr Straightface. He isn’t a man of many facial expressions but Im sure the female watchers would have been drooling at his hypnotic stare!!!.

I have to stay praise the academy for not letting sacha cohen aka Borat do the Avatar joke as he would have ruined it but Ben Stiller did pull the joke off and probably the nights funniest moment as he presented a award dressed as a Na’Vi from Avatar in a tuxedo!!!  I have to say The John Hughes tribute was very touching and well presented and was nice that the section was done by some of the stars of his movies, and oh boy I still drool at Molly Ringwald she is still a sexy lady. I know it sounds morbid but I do like the section they also look back at the people be it actors, writer, critics, producers who have sadly passed away, as there is always someone in the presentation you didn’t realise died.

As for the actual winners well there was the usual suspects and a few shocks on who never one, before I say what I did or didn’t like here’s the full list of winners:

Best Supporting Actor :

Christoph Waltz –Inglorious Basterds

Best Animated Feature is:


Best Original  Song:

Ryan Bingham + T-Bone Burnett -”The Weary Kind”


Best Original Screenplay winner is:

Mark Boal – The Hurt Locker

Best Animated Short Winner is:

Logorama” (Autour de Minuit)

Best Documentary Short:

Music by Prudence

Best Live Action Short:

The New Tenants

Best Make Up Award Winner:

Star Trek

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

Best Performance of  a Actress  in Supporting Role:

Mo’Nique – Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

Best Art Direction winner is:


Best Costume Design:

The Young Victoria

Best Sound Editing:

The Hurt Locker

Best Sound Mixing:

The Hurt Locker

Best Cinematography:


Best Original Score :


Best outstanding Visual Effects:


Best Documentary Feature:

The Cove

Best Film Editing:

The Hurt Locker

Best Foreign Movie:

El Secreto de sus Ojos

Best Actor In Leading Role:

Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart

Best Actress In Leading Role:

Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

Best Picture:

The Hurt Locker

Best Director:

Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker

So are you surprised? I’m 50/50, It was obivious that it was going to be a 2 horse race for the big the awards and as many people did predict it was Hurt Locker. Myself personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Hurt Locker, I sometimes questioned where the awards to HurtLocker seen as a rebellion against a movie which did have a decent storyline, not the best but not the worst storyline and definitely not a poor story. He is a man of many layers in his story telling, the actual story maybe simple but what he does is build around the story and creates a more epic story, I am however please Kathryn Bigelow did win as I hope she will be the forerunner to many other female directors outthere that you can compete for the big awards and the oscars is not just for the boys.

I was glad to see Precious pick up some awards, 2 in a row, I havent seen all the movie but what ive seen of it and speaking to other people who have seen the full movie  Im very pleased for it. When attention focuses on 2 main contenders and forgets about the rest I believe thats a fatal mistake as it will end up been one of the ones who never got any focus and that was the case in the Best Foreign movie. Many believed that either White Ribbon or Une Prophete would win the oscar but it went to an unknown argentinian movie El Secreto de sus Ojos. I think possibly in UK/Ireland its a confusing one simply because the movie has not been released yet in this country so you always tend to go to one that has been released, but well dont to the movie for winning, maybe sony send me a screener and ill review it for here and cinehouse blog.

As for best actors no surprise for Jeff Bridges winning, Ive seen a few said Colin Forth should have won it, maybe but as I like to say theres enough for all and what I mean is this is the awards season and theres enough opportunities for all to won more awards and Colin Firth did it at The Bafta’s. Not Surprised about Sandra Bullock winning for The Blindside, as for British/Irish moviegoers it will be in our cinemas this Friday, I have to say good on her as well as she went up and collected the razzie the day before for All About Steve!!

Anyway I could go on for hours so whats your views on the awards? did you like them? unhappy? post your views here. I am hopefully this week going to do the peoples movies 1st academy awards, my version so would be great if you could join in, so stay tuned for more info.

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