19 June 2024

Ted ‘s Not Looking At Your “Funny Business” In 3 New TED TV SPOTS

It’s been a while since we had something new from Seth McFarlane’s TED and today we have 3 brand new tv spots which all contain mew footage. Though this film has been getting some good feedback,it’s going to be a little like fans of Sacha Baron Cohen is what type of humor do enjoy and how crude will you laugh at until it becomes not funny, Ted is certainly one Family Guy/American Dad fans will adore. These spot won’t have the laugh out loud spots we enjoyed in the Green band, red band trailers, more of a reminder of the chaos,the humor, the thunder song! What we get here is Ted been very naughty taking advantage of his perversed nature been a small cuddly teddy bear who loves the ladies in the first spot you’ll with Mila Kunis coming out the shower saying “down here; not looking up your towel, not looking at your funny business.”!

Mark Whalberg stars as John who after a childhood wish that his Teddy will come to life, which Ted (Macfarlane) does. Now grown up with a girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) John must wrestle with his conscience to get more serious with Lori or stick with his foul mouth mouthed, sex obsessed, pot smoking buddie Ted. All will be revealed on August 1st (29 June USA) when Ted arrives in UK, the film also stars Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Joel McHale and Jessica Stroup with Seth McFarlane providing the voice of Ted.

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