19 May 2024

Taylor Kitsch Is All Aboard The Battleships Movie

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source Totalfilm

How sad the movie world is becoming when the board games, toys we all grew up with are now subject of been made into movies!!! Ok some you can get away with others are just plain stupid, I’m waiting for the day The Rubic Cube motion Picture, Gone With The Wind: The Whopee Cushion Story,etc,etc,etc….. One board game which could turn out to be a decent movie is Battleships is been created by Peter Berg aimed at a 2012 release date has found his lead man for the flick.

Taylor Kitsch will be the man to lead Berg’s movie and we last saw him playing the creole superhero Remy LeBeau aka Gambit in X-Men Origins:Wolverine.

Battleships will be a “massive Naval adventure”  set on Earth upon sea, sky as well as on land as they struggle (humans) against an “superior force” who has just attacked our little blue planet. The force is going to be an alien race called The Regents who see our planet water source as a power source for them but our navy boys werent having none that from those nasty alien crytons!!!.

So where does Kitsch fit in all of this? Well he’ll be the comanding officer of earth’s naval fleet Alex Hopper and he’ll in a team of 5 others which includes a Japanese commander & engineer whom Totalfilm believes the part was offered to Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner who passed the part on due to a busy schedule.

I don’t know much about the plot for this movie but I was shocked when suggestions came out to make this a movie but more you think about it this board game is one of the more viable games you can make a story out of but what will they have in this movie which will pay homage to the game? Maybe one of those big hands coming out of knowhere? I think Ridley Scott will be keeping an eye on this project with him pondering making a Monopoly board game, its all down to how you can make the idea into an enjoyable cinematic experience.

2012 is the scheduled release year hopefully Berg can pull it off, well he does have people around him he trusts like Kitsch whom he worked with also on Friday Night Lights, 2012 will also be a busy year for Kitsch as he will also be starring as John Carter in John Carter of Mars movie.

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