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Netflix Cancelling The OA After Two Seasons

When it comes to shows on Netflix, Three is the magic number  as very few shows seem to get there. For fans of the shows on the streaming hasn’t been a great time. Now The OA is the latest casualty as it won’t be back for an third season. The mind bending sci-drama came from […]Read More

Netflix Reveal New Images For The OA Season II Starring

It has been a long time coming , season 2 of the sci-fi drama The OA will be launched by Netflix  later this month. Ahead of that release the streaming giants have released a number of images. The newly released Fashion focused images from The OA Part II, with looks created by Meghan Kasperlik as […]Read More

Netflix Review – The OA Season One (2016)

Many have debated what awaits us all when we die. Is this life we all life the only one we’ll get? Is there an afterlife from which we ascend to if we have lived a good life? Or is it something like reincarnation or something along metaphysical lines? The possibilities are plentiful and it’s a […]Read More

Trust The Unknown In Netflix’s The OA Trailer

This coming Friday ‘Trust The Unkown’ and ‘trust’ Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling (Sound of My Voice, The East) as the pair work together once again on The OA. Ahead of it’s Friday 16th December Netflix have sent us the 8 part series official trailer for this mind-bending odyssey.The Netflix Original Series The show begins […]Read More

EIFF 2013 – The East Review

You would think a film like The East that details the work of anarchic environmental activists would make a thrilling watch, but unfortunately Zal Batmanglij’s film squanders its original and simple premise through a series of crippling misfires. With a screenplay from lead-actress Brit Marling and Batmanglij, The East details an operative (Marling) from an […]Read More