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WWE Raw Recap – 20th July, 2015

Things were kicked off this week by The Undertaker, fresh from he reappearance at Battleground, making his slow, macabre way to the ring to speak to the crowd. Short version? Turns out he’s pretty pissed about his Wrestlemania streak being broken. He made it clear he wants a rematch and promised that he would conquer […]Read More

PPV Review – WWE Battleground (19th July, 2015)

With a roomy five weeks between the last PPV and this one, Creative had time to build some solid feeling paths to Battleground. I’ve been enjoying the run up and last week’s go home show was stellar. I didn’t watch the preshow this time because I’ve really not been into the goofy King Barrett/R-Truth storyline. […]Read More

PPV Review – WWE Money in the Bank (June 14th,

Whilst not up there with Summerslam, Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank is still a pretty important PPV in the WWE calendar. We’ve been told over and over again that if a Superstar grabs the MitB briefcase, containing an anytime cash-in contract for the World Heavyweight Championship, they’re “almost guaranteed” to be the […]Read More