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Win Clash Of The Titans The Premium Collection Version

To celebrate the release of CLASH OF THE TITANS – available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD Dual Format from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment 26th Feb. 2018 – we are giving away a copy! Before history and beyond imagination! The machinations of gods above and the fates of man and monsters here below play out […]Read More

Bluray Review – Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)

This film stars Americans Carol Lynley and Keir Dullea and is superbly directed by golden era Hollywood maverick Otto Preminger, but otherwise is an entirely British production, both in setting and cast. Laurence Olivier gets star billing, but in a change from his usual set chewing antics gives about the most restrained and subtle performance […]Read More


I’m still currently working on rate my cinema and I was getting info on all the cinema chains (small and large) in the UK and some Irish) and getting customer service info etc, and when I was looking through the small cinema chains, I was just so jealous why? I live in a town which […]Read More