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Film Review – Gloria Bell (2019)

It’s not the first time a director has returned to a film and re-made it in a different language. After Cold Pursuit setting the precedence for this year, the thought of another similar adaptation didn’t exactly get pulses racing. But Gloria Bell is a very different, and vastly superior, proposition, the English language version of […]Read More

Film Review – Bel Canto (2018)

Timing is everything. For a movie, it can be the difference between stellar success and crushing failure and for Bel Canto, released on Friday, it’s been crucial. Crucial to it simply getting made in the first place, even though the rights to make the film were snapped up back in 2002. Ann Patchett’s original book […]Read More

Sundance London 2019 Line Up Revealed – A Celebration Of

Sundance Film Festival has today revealed it’s 2019 line up for the Sundance London taking place 30 May until 2 June. Returning to its usual haunt of Picturehouse Central in London Central with the pick of the best feature films, short films and panel discussions from the main Fest Park City, Utah. The festival will […]Read More

Film Review – Wonderstruck (2017)

For many film lovers, an air of anticipation and elation usually fills our bodies when we learn of an impending new project from Todd Haynes. The acclaimed director of Carol, I’m Not There and Far From Heaven is one of modern cinema’s most captivating storytellers and, as you would expect, his latest film comes with […]Read More

Watch The Gorgeous Todd Haynes Wonderstruck UK Trailer

Todd Haynes‘ Carol reinvigorated the filmmaker’s career, even gave him the step up from a small indie director to a leading one. Next month his next film, Wonderstruck will arrive in the UK and Irish cinemas and Studiocanal has released the UK Trailer. An enchanting tale that celebrates the power of imagination. A story of […]Read More

Meet The Agents In New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Posters

The marketing train is speeding up for The Kingsman as the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. With the movie only a few weeks away and box office now opened, today we meet the agents in a new set of character posters. Below is posters featuring not just posters for The Kingsman agents but the statesman […]Read More

Film Review – Maggie’s Plan (2016)

Maggie is beautiful, Maggie is forthright, Maggie makes everyone cherish her friendship. However, love is messy for Maggie (an illuminating Greta Gerwig) who longs to have a baby so much but cannot find Mr. Right leading to the decision of artificial insemination with hippie gentleman suitor Guy (Australia’s own Travis Fimmel). On the day of this procedure Maggie meets […]Read More

Alternative Motherhood Films

Maggie’s Plan coming out this Friday 7th July in UK&Irish Cinemas. Maggie’s Plan is about Maggie who plans to have a baby on her own but is derailed when she falls in love with John, a married man. One daughter and three years later, Maggie has fallen out of love with him and hatches a […]Read More

The Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 2 New Trailer Is ‘For Prim’

It’s been a long road but in 2 months time Katniss Everdeen will face her final battle and in the new The Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 2 UK trailer, she dedicates it ‘For Prim’. In the latest promo we honour the strong bond and compassion between two of the most courageous sisters we know ,Katniss and Primrose […]Read More

All Love Is Equal In Freeheld UK Trailer Starring Julianne

Terminal Diseases And Julianne Moore seem to be a recipe for critical success in Freeheld early-onset Alzheimer’s is replaced by Cancer, watch UK trailer. In a true love story a dying police officer fights for the rights for equal rights for her same sex partner. With the recent U.S government law changes for States to […]Read More

The End Is Near..The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 New

The fight is nearly over, the victory is in sight the revolution is about to be fulfilled, Ladies and gentlemen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 UK trailer is here!It’s been a long road  but Katniss has tackled everything that’s been thrown at her, she is a survivor now it’s time to free her people […]Read More