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Film Review – Hotel Mumbai (2018)

This was a film that nearly didn’t get here. Director Anthony Maras’ first feature was shot three years ago, premiered at Toronto last year so that Hotel Mumbai should have been released in November 2018 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the events that inspired the film. But, with the rights belonging to the […]Read More

Unhappy Families Are Cursed In Monster Family UK Trailer

Today is the day the ghost and ghouls come out to play, kids love to trick ‘R’ Treat. Some families love to celebrate but in the animated comedy Monster Family, they can’t stand each other. Based on David Safier’s best-selling novel, Monster Family follows the very much unhappy Wishbone clan, Frank, Emma and their kids […]Read More

Star Trek Discovery Renewed For Second Season!

When you bring back a long-running TV series in a new spin-off it can be extremely hard to satisfy the hardcore fanbase. It seems Star Trek Discovery has been delivering the goods and now CBS Access All Areas the Streaming Service for North America has announced Season 2 is coming. Automatically that means here in […]Read More

In New Star Trek :Discovery Trailer Klingons Are Read For

It’s nearly time to boldly go where no one has gone before as Netflix is finally launching the long-awaited Star Trek: Discovery Series. After the long wait, Netflix is teasing Trek fans with some good old Klingon hospitality in a brand new trailer. It’s always a good day to die Klingon when there’s a war about […]Read More

Win Red Dog: The Early Years On DVD

Taking his place alongside the very best cinematic canines, the eponymous red dog is back in the sequel to the sleeper hit Red Dog as RED DOG: THE EARLY YEARS offers its paw to the Edinburgh International Film Festival before rolling over onto DVD and digital platforms out now courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Michael Carter […]Read More

Win A Cure For Wellness On DVD

Gore Verbinski’s Visually Stunning, Psychological Thriller A Cure For Wellness is out now on Digital HD and on Blu-ray™ & DVD from 3 July and we have copies of the movie up for grabs. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), an ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from a remote and mysterious “wellness centre.” […]Read More

Netflix Review – The OA Season One (2016)

Many have debated what awaits us all when we die. Is this life we all life the only one we’ll get? Is there an afterlife from which we ascend to if we have lived a good life? Or is it something like reincarnation or something along metaphysical lines? The possibilities are plentiful and it’s a […]Read More

Film Review – A Cure For Wellness (2017)

Absolutely not recommended if one has ever been thinking of visiting a weekend health retreat or seeking time out within a wellness spa, forget about seeing this mysterious thriller of a young hotshot executive from a high-end financial firm looking for his missing colleague supposedly relaxing at a remote luxury resort in Switzerland. Situated in […]Read More

Film Review – A Cure For Wellness (2017)

It is admirable that Gore Verbinski has a passion for the horror genre. Considering he dabbles mostly in the mainstream with his three ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films adding onto the disappointing version of ‘The Lone Ranger.’ One would believe that horror is where his strength lies, considering his American version of ‘The Ring’ made […]Read More

Things Get Sinister In A Cure For Wellness Clip &

Are you ready to take the cure and take back your life? Ahead of Gore Verbinski’s psychological horror A Cure For Wellness later this month we have a new Superbowl TV Spot and sinister clip for your visual medication…. First up is the Superbowl TV Spot  (UK Version) which plays like a proper infomercial intertwined with […]Read More