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EIFF 2015 Review – Redeemer (Redentor) (2014)

Chilean martial arts action/western Redentor (aka Redeemer) has its sights set on capturing the pulpy ultra-violent tone of the likes of Drive, Machete, and Django Unchained, but never comes close to these greats in terms of style or entertainment. Ernesto Díaz Espinoza writes and directs this picture which follows a former hit-man Pardo (Marko Zaror) posing […]Read More

Ewan McGregor won’t go near trainspotting 2

Ewan McGregor has said no to another Trainspotting sequel becuase he’s not a fan of the book. Irvine Welsh’s Porno is a sequel to Trainspotting and follows the film’s main characters lives 13 years later. There has been much speculation that Danny Boyle and his cast would return for a sequel. However, McGregor has stated […]Read More