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Film Review – Captain Marvel (2019)

Believe the hype, for the hype is true. With one small exception. It may have been trumpeted as Marvel’s first female-led superhero film, but others have come before Captain Marvel. Elektra was back in 2005, but who remembers? DC’s Supergirl and Catwoman have faded from memory, although the studio more than redeemed itself with the […]Read More

Oscars 2019: The Winners, Best Moments and Snubs

Another year, another Oscars. There has been quite a lot of controversy and build up to this year’s show, but it actually ran pretty smoothly after all. That being said, it wasn’t the most exciting awards ceremony, and even though there were a couple of shocks throughout the night, it was all a tad lacklustre. […]Read More

Can you really predict the Oscars?

Deemed the most prestigious awards in the film industry, the Academy Awards are hosted each year in a fancy theatre and televised for the world to see. Living in the UK, it is always a slight pain having to stay up until roughly 5am to catch all the glitz and glamour of my favourite awards […]Read More

Sleepy Skunk Delivers His Epic 2018 Movie Mashup

Roll Up! Roll Up!2018 is nearly over and its time for another Movie Mashup and its one of the best Sleepy Skunk! A lot of great movies graced our cinemas and favourite Streaming services too. There was a lot of stinkers too. Santa may come once a year bearing gifts for those children who behave, […]Read More

Film Review: Black Panther (2018)

Oscar season is almost over for another year and thoughts turn from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s best-of-year to warmer days and flights of fancy with superheroes and summer blockbusters. First out the traps are Marvel and their ever-excellent cinematic universe that passes the decade mark this year with Infinity War in a few […]Read More

New Black Panther Full Trailer Hails ‘Long Live The King!’

All hail! ‘Long live the king’! Marvel Studios has finally released the full UK trailer for Black Panther, a proper glimpse at the world of Wakanda. Chadwick Boseman burst onto the Marvel Cinematic Universe as our clawed hero T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War. Now it’s time for the Warrior King to have his own […]Read More

Marvel Unveil The First Trailer For Black Panther, Conflict In

Some called him the unsung hero is Captain America: Civil War and now Marvel begin the journey for the King Of Wakanda aka Black Panther by releasing the first UK trailer. One year ago Chadwick Boseman burst onto the scene as MCU’s African Superhero from the fictional country of Wakanda. It was an introduction that […]Read More

Lupita Nyong’o To Star In Black Panther Movie?

Now Captain America: Civil War is now out some argue the greatest Marvel movie ever (personally not greatest, though strong edition), but it introduced a lot of new things to the MCU. One been Black Panther , a new character to the franchise, an exciting mysterious and today we took another step closer to the […]Read More

What can we expect from Marvel’s Upcoming Black Panther Film?

When you consider the pantheon of Marvel characters available in the modern world, the Black Panther is one of the less well-known. Often overshadowed by imposing characters such as The Incredible Hulk and Spiderman, the Black Panther has been forced to adopt a supplementary role despite having featured in Marvel comics since 1966. This is […]Read More

Marvel Unveil Phase 3 Films Plus Infographic

On Tuesday’s exclusive Marvel event, the studio announced the 8 titles that would make up Phase 3 of their hugely successful cinematic universe. This included confirmation of further sequels for the Captain America: Civil War(6th May 2016), ThorRagnarok (28th July 2017), Avengers: Infinity War (4th May 2018) and Guardians of the Galaxy 2(5th May 2017) […]Read More