18 May 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Polished (2021)

Life can feel like a mundane chore all in the name survival, that mundanity will be for different for everyone. In Collen Dodge‘s Polished it’s all about negotiating the suffocating metropolis of New York City.

This six minute short is Dodge’s directorial short film feature debut. Her experience until now has been in production design and what a fantastic start to her filmmaking side of her career. The film  could be seen as a political statement, if anything it’s a celebration of womanhood.  Women’s rights when it comes to their bodies and most of all abortion. Whilst this maybe a massive issue in many U.S States but also in many countries worldwide too.  This film has a big focus on our lead character’s state of mind, her vulnerability  presented as a slice of life.

Polished stars Jane Stiles, a young woman heading into New York City getting her nails done. Following her navigating the busy city streets with a mindset that’s vulnerable and fragile into decisions she’s made.

This film packs a lot in it’s short running time. Narratively delivered a humanistic, gentle way focusing more in the decisions our character faces rather than if it was right or wrong. Too long many critics push religion and politics in our faces on why women should chose their way rather in what is right for the woman in question. What usually lacks is the emotional support and care anyone who has faced difficult decisions, We all pretend to know what’s right without even consulting anyone.

Wonderfully immersive  film.

‘Polished’ is a vulnerable glimpse into the decisions – simple and complex – a young woman must make while navigating a busy work day in New York City.

Source: Short Of The Week

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